For your convenience, most of our services can be experienced

on-site, online, and/or by phone.

Individual SessionsPsychotherapy, individual counseling, or life coaching

  • Focused: 1 weekly session (most common)

  • Intensive or Crisis: 2 weekly sessions (may also require the addition of one or more between-session phone check-ins if there are safety issues involved)

  • Deep Dive: 2 to 4 weekly sessions (for those who want to deeply explore relational issues or personality structure, gain transformative insight into the self, or experience quicker results; Erekson, Lambert, & Eggett, 2015)

  • Slow and Steady: 1 session every other week (typically for simpler cases/issues, or for those transitioning to a maintenance phase)

  • Maintenance: 1 session per month or as needed (for those who would like to continue growing after meeting all goals, have continued support while navigating a life transition, or for those at high risk for symptom relapse)


$225-$240  for 55 minutes. 

Shorter or longer sessions are prorated based on 55-minute fee


Comprehensive Biopsychosocial/Psychiatric Evaluation

Required before starting individual or group psychotherapy

  • Includes a thorough evaluation, analysis of results, and formal treatment planning


$225-$370 (55 minutes)

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Group SessionsGroup psychotherapy, personal growth groups, skills classes

Fee varies by group

Gottman Method Couples Therapy


Assessment Phase (requires 4 separate visits)*:

I: Initial Assessment (Both Partners; $368; 90 min.)

II: Individual Assessment (Partner #1; $225; 55 min.)

    Individual Assessment (Partner #2; $225; 55 min.)

III: Assessment Feedback (Both Partners; $368; 90 min.)

*The Assessment Phase can be completed during a single marathon session

or broken up into 4 separate meetings.

Intervention Phase (all treatment sessions, after Assessment completion):

$225 (55 minutes)

$307 (75 minutes)*

$368 (90 minutes)*

     *Extended session fee rates are prorated based on the rate of $225/55-minutes

Between-Session Contact

​          $60 per each 15-minute increment

Letters and Form Completion

$125 for each 30-minute increment

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Other ServicesTime spent performing any other service that you request, deemed clinically necessary for your care, or required by State or Federal law

  • These services include telephone conversations, texts, emails, consulting with other professionals, preparation of records, documentation, treatment summaries, discharge summaries. 

  • Fee calculated based on 15-minute increments (prorated from $225/hour)

Legal Fees

Please note that if you become involved in legal proceedings that require Dr. Carey Incledon’s time, or if she becomes involved in any disputes or legal proceedings related to you or your case, you will be responsible for all time involved and rendered, according to this fee schedule. Note that these fees apply even if Dr. Incledon receives a subpoena to provide testimony and/or documents or is called to testify for another party.

  • $400/hour for any or all preparation and transportation time in addition to any costs related to transportation (e.g., parking fees), with a minimum of 30 minutes.

  • $500/hour for depositions or trial time, including wait time with a minimum of 3-hours

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