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Remote Position for Psychologists with
Gottman Training (Level 2 or Higher Preferred)

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We are looking to hire 2-3 California- and/or Virginia-licensed psychologists experienced in providing Gottman Method Couples Therapy and passionate about helping couples and individuals heal, grow, and thrive. These are 100% remote part-time or full-time positions with flexible hours and competitive compensation.



Gottman Method Couples Therapy

  • Hone your Gottman Method Couples Therapy skills as you apply the art and science of guiding couples into more intimate, supportive, and satisfying relationships

  • Work alongside Dr. Carey Incledon (“Dr. Carey”), one of only a few hundred Gottman Therapists ever certified by the Gottman Institute, worldwide

  • Participate in a Gottman consultation group to get support for your couples cases

  • Learn additional skills and tips in regular Gottman-focused didactic opportunities


Individual and Group Therapy

  • Provide individual psychotherapy—and, if desired, group psychotherapy

  • Our practice is currently focused on treating young adults, adults, and older adults; we welcome psychologists interested in treating children and adolescents as well

  • With our individual clients, we specialize in treating trauma, anxiety, and depression, though we are also interested in psychologists with other specialties


Professional Development

  • Expand your clinical skills and add new empirically-supported treatments to your repertoire

  • Build your clinical competence and level of professional development through our practical and interesting didactic opportunities—many of which focus on optimizing your use of:

    • “Common factors” incorporated into all effective therapies

    • Clinical practices researchers have deemed necessary if you want to become exceptional in your practice

    • Telehealth and other technology necessary in a 100%-remote service provider

    • Effective business practices

  • Improve your treatment outcomes by learning data-driven monitoring of factors that predict positive clinical outcomes



  • Competitive pay:

    • Based on overall weekly revenue generated from your caseload

    • Additional (modest) compensation for non-clinical hours worked (i.e., hours spent on trainings, consultations with potential new clients, office meetings, note writing, administration tasks)

  • Flexibility:

    • 100% remote work—work in the convenience of your private home office; all clinical sessions, trainings, consultations, and team meetings will take place remotely

    • Part-time (10-29 hours/week) or full-time (30+ hours/week)—grow at your own pace with lots of support to help get you where you want to go

    • Flexible hours—we will work with you to set a schedule you love (including weekends and/or evenings, if desired)

    • Start date is negotiable

  • Other:

    • Access to a premium electronic health record system

    • Your own account for a HIPAA-compliant, secure telehealth platform

    • An assigned company phone number that will ring straight to any smartphone

    • An Insight Psychology Center email account in your name

    • Monthly remote worker stipend to cover a portion of office supplies/equipment, cell phone line, and internet use, based on your part-time/full-time status

    • Paid sick leave

    • Health insurance (monthly stipend until our company’s healthcare plan is obtained)

    • Funding to cover/supplement approved professional trainings


Client Referrals

  • We provide you with potential new clients (we receive multiple couples referrals every day) and cover marketing

  • We have an excellent reputation so approximately 98% of our clients are currently high-fee, cash-pay

  • We have a contract with TRICARE West and Humana/TRICARE East military insurance, so you can choose to start out with insurance clients and/or cash-only clients



  1. Doctorate in psychology from an APA-accredited doctoral program, with successful completion of an APA-accredited internship

  2. Licensed to independently practice psychology in California and/or Virginia

  3. Experience and interest in treating simple and/or complex trauma is preferred but not required

  4. Has completed Level 2 training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy (a minimum of 40 hours of experience post-Level 2 training is highly desirable but not necessary)

  5. Motivated to treat couples using Gottman Method Couples Therapy and continue expanding these skills through further trainings, mentoring, and attendance in consultation groups

  6. Desire to build your clinical caseload to at least 10-15 weekly client-hours within the first three months

  7. Has a strong history of commitment to providing ethical and culturally sensitive clinical care

  8. Excellent communication abilities, writing skills, and attention to detail

If you are interested, please email Dr. Carey (CA PSY31538; VA 0810006550) at with (1) your current CV; (2) a brief cover letter describing your interest in this job, why you think you would be a good fit for the position, and a brief statement of your professional goals for the next 5 years (2-3 bullets/sentences); and (3) a list of three references with their contact information.


Feel free to text, call, or email Dr. Carey with any questions:


Insight Psychology Center, Inc. is a growing psychotherapy private practice committed to

helping clientsheal, grow, and thrive, as well as enriching the professional lives

of our clinical teamthrough mentoring, training, and teamwork.

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